About Us


Belmont Blasters baseball is founded in the belief that if you gather together a group of remarkable athletes with good character and team focus, surround them with experienced and development minded coaching, and provide them with an opportunity to be part of something larger than themselves, then great things happen—things like teamwork, confidence, camaraderie and trust. All important and lifelong assets that remain when the strength, quickness and agility fade away. 

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All Blasters are gifted players from within Belmont-Redwood Shores Little League. Each is an impressive athlete, but their true power lies in what they do as a team. A team with a passion not only for baseball, but also for supporting each other both on and off the field to attain a common goal. Our goal is to make the playoffs in every tournament we enter. A lofty goal by any measure, especially in high-level tournament level baseball. This success requires a high level of dedication and commitment from every player and their supportive families. A commitment to willfully work and play in whatever capacity and position is needed by the team. And because of the amount of tournaments games we play, we also require a family commitment of time, expense and volunteerism that extends beyond the amount customary to recreational baseball (Little League). It is important that all prospective players and their families consider these commitments before taking steps to becoming a Belmont Blaster.


Blasters is a competitive baseball program. Teams are formed through try-outs and not everyone makes a team. We believe our development philosophy build the strongest, most competitive teams over time, and prepares players for the next level of baseball. Our recent 12u Blue teams have shown the model works, having tremendous success against top teams from across the bay area, and in Cooperstown.