Register for 2019 7U Blasters Tryouts

7u Blasters tryouts will be held on Sunday, May 5th at 9am.  Location is TBD.  Any players interested in trying out for the 2019 7u Blasters must register online.  No walk-ups will be allowed on the day of tryouts. Registration closes on April 30th.

Click the button below to register now:

 April Update

With both the 11u Blue and 12u Blue teams having already completed their first tournaments of the year, everyone is ready for the weather to clear so that all the boys can get back out on the diamond to get their Little League seasons started in earnest.  All Blasters teams should be gearing up for the true start for most teams - Memorial Day Weekend.



Thank you Belmont for supporting the Blasters!
3/15 - 3/17
11u Blue
 TCS Arizona Spring Championships
3/30 - 3/31
12u Blue
 NCTB 42 Classic (Twin Creeks)  Results
5/25 - 5/27
12u Blue
 NCTB Ultimate Memorial Day (Twin Creeks)

5/25 - 5/27
11u Blue
 NCTB Ultimate Memorial Day (Twin Creeks)  
5/25 - 5/27
10u Blue
 NCTB Ultimate Memorial Day (Twin Creeks)  
5/25 - 5/27
10u Red
 All World Memorial Day NIT Rings (Fremont)
5/25 - 5/27
9u Blue
 Foster City 8u/9u Memorial Day Tournament
5/25 - 5/27
8u Blue
 Foster City 8u/9u Memorial Day Tournament  
5/25 - 5/27
8u Red
 Foster City 8u/9u Memorial Day Tournament  


  Summer 2019

Arizona Spring Championships - 4th Seed of 17 teams - 11u Blue

Fall 2018

Toys-4-Tots - 12u Blue
Toys-4-Tots - 10u Blue
Toys-4-Tots - 10u Red (Runner-up)
NCTB Twin Creeks Harvest Classic - 11u Blue (AA Runner-Up)
All World Golden Woody Part 2 - 13u Red (Silver)
NCTB Twin Creeks Black Tie Bash - 11u Blue (AA Runner-Up)
NCTB Twin Creeks September to Remember - 12u Blue (AA Runner-Up)
All World Slugfest - 13u Red (Silver)
USSSA TPR Super Labor Day Weekend - 11u Blue (Open Silver)

Summer 2018

Cooperstown Dreams Park - Elite Eight Final - 12u Blue
Cooperstown Dreams Park - 11th Seed of 104 teams - 12u Blue
Blasters Classic - 8u Blue (8uA Runner-Up)
Blasters Classic - 7u Blue (8uB Runner-Up)
Cooperstown All-Star Village - 5th Seed of 51 Teams - 12u Red
Millbrae - 10u Blue
Millbrae - 9u Red (10u Silver)
All World Summer Sizzler/The Show - 12u Blue
USSSA TPR Lake Tahoe Mountain Classic - 11u Blue (Open Runner-Up)
Foster City - 12u Blue (12u/13u 50/70 Runner-Up)
All World Summer Shootout - 12u Red (AA Silver)
Redwood City Classic -
8u Blue (Runner-Up)

Fall 2017

Toys-4-Tots - 12u Blue
Toys-4-Tots - 11u Blue (Runner-Up)
Toys-4-Tots - 10u Blue
All World Going Yard - 12u Blue
Santa Cruz - 12u Red (Runner-Up)

Summer 2017

Cooperstown Dreams Park - 3rd Seed (tied) of 104 teams - 12u Blue
USSSA Twin Creeks Summer Sizzler - 11u Blue (AA Silver)
All World Summer Sizzler - 11u Red (AA Silver)
Millbrae - 12u Blue
Millbrae - 9u Blue (10uB Runner-Up)
All World Summer Sizzler - 11u Red (AA Silver)
USSSA Twin Creeks BowNet Challenge - 12u Blue (AAA Runner-Up)
Foster City - 12u Red (12uB Runner-Up)
Foster City - 8u Blue (8uA Runner-Up)
USSSA Twin Creeks State Championship - 12u Blue (AAA Runner-Up)