Current Teams
 BLUE Teams
 12u Blue | Team Twelve - Formed 2016 (9u)
 Manager: Mike Dunne
 Coaches: Mike Luzzo, Kevin Dunne
2018  Toys-4-Tots (Champion) 12u

 NCTB Twin Creeks September to Remember (12u AA Runner-up) 12u
   TPR Lake Tahoe (Runner-up) 11u
 2017  Toys-4-Tots (Runner-up) 11u
   USSSA Twin Creeks Summer Sizzler (Open Silver Champion) 11u

 11u Blue | Team Eleven - Formed 2015 (7u)
 Manager: Steve O'Driscoll
 Coaches: Casey Scatena, Jeff Weiss, Dave Laser
 2019  TCS Arizona Spring Championships (4th Seed of 17) 11u
 2018  NCTB Twin Creeks Harvest Classic (Runner-up) 11u
   NCTB Twin Creeks Black Tie Bash (Runner-up) 11u

 USSSA TPR Baseball Super Labor Day Weekend (Open Silver Champion) 11u
   Millbrae 10u Champion
 2017  Toys-4-Tots 10u Champion
   Millbrae (10u-B Runner-up) 9u
 10u Blue | Team Thirteen - Formed 2016 (7u)
 Manager: Dave Elliott
 Coaches: Tom Werbinski
 2018  Toys-4-Tots 10u Champion
 Foster City (8u-A Runner-up) 8u 
 2016  Millbrae (8u-B Runner-up) 7u
 9u Blue | Team Sixteen - Formed 2017 (7u)
 Manager: Tim Evans
 Coaches: Daniel Ateya, Ernie Chan, David Tuan, Mark Stevens
 Blasters Classic (8uA Runner-up) 8u

 Redwood City Classic (8u Runner-up) 8u
 8u Blue | Team Eighteen - Formed 2018 (7u)
 Manager: Jeremy Stinson
 Coaches:  Chris Webster, Kent Schumacher
 Blasters Classic (8uB Runner-up) 7u
 7u Blue | Team Twenty - Formed 2019 (7u)
 Manager: Nathaniel Ferrari
 Coaches:  Sean Kunz

 RED Teams
 11u Red | Team Seventeen - Formed 2018 (10u)
 Manager: Rich Smith
 Coaches: Scott Kidd, Ryan Muscio

 10u Red | Team Fifteen - Formed 2017 (8u)
 Manager: Randy Sternke
 Coaches: Jeremy Stinson, Nevin Brownfield
  2018 Toys-4-Tots 10u Runner-up

 Millbrae (10u Silver Champion) 9u

 8u Red | Team Nineteen - Formed 2018 (7u)
 Manager: Sean Dobie
 Coaches: Jeff Moon