Current Teams

We have a primary ("Blue") team for each age, and for some ages where the talent pool is deep, we also field a second ("Red") team.

Team Sixteen - Formed 2017 (7u)

Manager: Tim Evans

Coaches: Daniel Ateya, Ernie Chan, David Tuan


2022 Cooperstown Dreams Park (Sweet 16) - 12u Cooperstown Dreams Park (12th Seed of 64) - 12u San Carlos Little League Summer Tournament - 12u Blue (Runner Up) NCTB/Perfect Game Spring Slugfest - 12u AA
2021 NCS AWS Golden Woody - 12u Open Runner Up NCS AWS Back to School Bash - 12u Silver Championship NCS AWS Summer Heat - 12u Open Runner-Up NCS AWS Memorial Day NIT Rings - 11u Silver Championship
2019 San Carlos Toys-4-Tots 10u Blasters End of Summer Bash (Runner-up) 9u Millbrae (10u Blue Champion) 9u BYBA Invitational (10uB Runner-up) 9u
2018 Blasters Classic (8uA Runner-up) 8u Redwood City Classic (8u Runner-up) 8u
Team Eighteen - Formed 2018 (7u)

Manager: Jeremy Stinson

Coaches: Chris Webster, Kent Schumacher, Ryan Talavera


2022 NCS Weekend Warriors
2021 NCS Halloween Havoc 11u NCS AWS End of Season Finale 10u
2018 San Carlos Toys 4 Tots 9u Blasters End of Summer Bash (8uA Runner-up) 8u Blasters Classic (8uB Runner-up) 7u
Team Nineteen - Formed 2018 (7u)

Manager: Sean Dobie

Coaches: Jeff Moon


2022 NCS End of Season - 11u Silver Runner Up
2021 NCS Fall Brawl Rings - 11u Silver Runner Up Millbrae - 10u Silver Runner-Up
2019 Redwood City Classic (8u Silver) 8u
Team Twenty - Formed 2019 (7u)

Manager: Nathaniel Ferrari

Coaches: Sean Kunz, Chris Walton


2022 NCTB Summer Heat - 11u Open (Runner-Up) TPR Super Season Weekend, Tahoe - 10u (Runner Up)
2021 NCS Fall Brawl Rings - 10u Runner Up NCS AWS Back to School Bash - 10u Open (Runner-Up)
Team Twenty One - Formed 2020 (7u)

Manager: Brian Rogers

Coaches: Robert Rogers, Daniel Ateya, Brian Kulich


2022 NCS Fall Brawl - 10u Runner Up Half Moon Bay Memorial Day Tournament - 9u Runner Up
Team Twenty Four - Formed 2022 (9u)

Manager: Rodney Allen

Team Twenty Two - Formed 2021 (7u)

Manager: Eric Law-Hing

Coaches: Ben Bartel, Dennis Hu, Tom Seoh

Team Twenty Three - Formed 2022 (7u)

Manager: Tim Evans